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★ S.A.S.H October Long Weekend 2022 ★ DeWalta ★ Voigtmann ★ Michael James ★ Huerta ★
S.A.S.H October Long Weekend 2022
Michael James
★ S.A.S.H October Long Weekend 2022 ★ DeWalta ★ Voigtmann ★ Michael James ★ Huerta ★
★ S*A*S*H By Day ★ Labour Day weekend is finally here. More commonly referred to as October Long Weekend, we’re not sure why we get an extra day off but we’re certainly happy to roll with it! Since the last one in June, we’ve been steadily preparing for another large onslaught of house and techno from Sunday arvo to Monday morning, and then some. With Winter well and truly a distant memory, we welcome the warmer Spring weather with another romper of a long weekend. We have assembled an A-Team of international masters to provide a healthy dose of house, techno and all things S*A*S*H for another mammoth 22-hour session across our two stables, Greenwood Hotel & Home The Venue. Day’s line up has been heavily laced with a stripped back layer of housey warmth, stitched together by a couple of perfect daytime additions. DeWalta’s musical path has been a diverse one, starting as a 8 year old child walking through the local forest to get to French horn class, later adding the saxophone and eventually becoming a professional Sax player by studying Jazz and Popular Music at the conservatory of music ‘Hans Eißler’ in Berlin, Germany. All along the academic path he knew he wanted to both write and produce his own music, not ”just” perform as an instrumentalist. He has since spent his 20s all the way until today living in Berlin and being exposed to many different kinds of music, but more specifically part-taking in the vibrant electronic music scene which has shaped his sound today. Joining DeWalta on The Greenwood Terrace, Claus Voigtmann started his career out in the depths of London as the co-founder of arguably one of the most underground and conceptually ground-breaking parties, Toi.Toi.Musik. Voigtmann is an artist with an ever-increasing catalogue of knowledge, taste, and skill, paving the way for what continues to be a long road ahead. An architect, designer, dj and electronic music producer he is difficult to categorise and constantly pushes boundaries by shrugging off trends and hype. Originally coming from a punk band background, he rock his sets with serious grit and attitude. Taking control of The Chapel for the evening, Michael James is a name that needs little introduction. After rocking the socks off the breakfast session at our SASH Queens Birthday long weekend in 2019 we’re expecting him to waltz on in with the same swagger with which he left us just over 3 years ago. His energy in the booth is perhaps only surpassed by the boy wonder, Traumer; experienced in setting big dancefloors ablaze, he is always enchanted and inspired by the live feedback he receives. Born in L.A., based in Berlin, producer, instrumentalist and slick DJ, Huerta rounds out our international lineup, joining Michael James to take us through the sunset session and deep into the blue depths of The Chapel. ★ S*A*S*H By Day ★ ★★ DeWalta ★★ ★★ Voigtmann ★★ ★★ Michael James ★★ ★★ Huerta ★★ ★ Le Brond ★ ★ Whitecat ★ ★ Tyler Hudson ★
S.A.S.H By Day Sunday 2nd October 2pm till 10pm $40 Early Bird $50 General Admission
Greenwood Hotel 36 Blues Point Road, North Sydney, 2060
★ S*A*S*H By Night ★ Once the Sun has set and the evening chill rolled through, we return once again to Lair at Home Nightclub. The main room has seen an unfathomable amount of talent take its stage and this weekend is no different. Top honours go out to DeWalta and Voigtmann as they grace the laser cage with their gritty stripped back sounds. Huerta and Michael James are large and in charge of The Terrace into the wee hours of the morning before another very special Breakfast session. As usual, Bodywork takeover The Box with their residents Cassette & Danni B, they’ve also invited down Raquel to join them in the iconic room. Across the hall in The Maze Back To Boogie Wonderland run rampant once more, with their resident DJs playing all night long. The Den sees some of Sydney’s finest low-slung, well-hung, deep house selectors. They’re skilled at what they do and know how to keep a crowd grooving with slower deeper tunes. As usual, you bring your dancing shoes and we’ll provide the rest. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor xx ★★ DeWalta ★★ ★★ Voigtmann ★★ ★★ Michael James ★★ ★★ Huerta ★★ ★ Gabby ★ ★ Jake Hough ★ ★ Back To Boogie Wonderland Dj’s ★ ★ Dan Baartz ★ ★ Nikola ★ ★ Kerry Wallace ★ ★ Cassette ★ ★ Danni B ★ ★ Raquel ★ ★ BERK ★ ★ JMCEE ★ ★ Accent’ ★ ★ AMY ★ ★ CD Inc ★ ★ Ritmiq ★
S.A.S.H By Night Sunday 2nd October 9pm till 12pm $40 Early Bird $50 General Admission
Home The Venue 101/1-5 Wheat Rd, Sydney, 2000
Website: Instagram: @sashsundays


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